Thursday, June 02, 2011

One of my friends taught his first yoga class tonight. I was front row, along with his boyfriend and his brother-in-law. It was scary to step into the heat again and to unfurl my mat and to completely let go. And yet, I lived. Aw yeah, baby.

His boyfriend teaches his first class Sunday afternoon at 1pm. I wish like hell I could be there, but I work at 9:45am on Sunday for brunch. I will take some clothes with me on the off chance that I can get out in time to go. I hope!

Honestly, seeing his love for the practice, and actually stepping to the mat again was fairly awesome. I don't want to get all carried away and say I've made a complete turn and will practice again on a seriously regular basis. But then again, I feel awesome right now.

I don't have to work tomorrow until 4:15, so I can stay up all night (like I was gonna go to sleep before 3am anyway) and sleep 'til noon and still have a good night's sleep.

I'm currently watching Casino Jack, a doc about Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay. I am working myself up into a furor over this. An impotent furor, but I'm righteous in my indignation, nonetheless.

While I do my toes, please to enjoy Kanye and one of my favorites: Runaway