Thursday, June 18, 2015

I am having difficulty writing again. I think I allowed the writer within to lie dormant for so long that now, the part of me that writes is broken. Well, maybe not broken. Maybe just a bad bruise. Like one of those purpley-yellow ones, that's deep but not yet fully healed. I want to turn my feelings into words again, so I have an outlet that doesn't just involve mothering a toddler.

Don't misunderstand: mothering my toddler is the best thing I have ever done with my life, well and truly. But I used to be interesting. I knew about wine. I practiced and taught a lot of yoga. I saw movies. I read books. I showered pretty much daily. I have none of these things any more. I wake up when my son wakes up. I go to bed when my son goes to bed. My life is not my own.

I need to revel in the beauty of these moments. A time will come oh so soon when this baby won't want to cuddle with me. He won't want his mommy to fix everything for him. He already has a fierce independent streak.

I need to start writing a little bit daily, just to exercise that part of my being. I may not be able to write like I used to, but goddamnit, I can still write!

Friday, April 10, 2015

so, wow... a year has gone by. I miss writing all the time. But I have a baby now, so that's pretty much what I do with my time. He is hilarious and bright and adorable. I'm not sure he's my kid.

I am about to move. To a small town. I am not sure how I feel about it. While Dallas does have its issues, it has been my home for 18 + years, and I hate the idea of leaving. The flip side is I get to spend more time with my moms and be a stay-at-home mom with my baby, so I am pretty goddamned lucky there.

I need to remember to write every day. It was something I used to love and did on the regs. I have not written in so long, I'm afraid that my sentences aren't coherent or worse, not I'm not funny at all.

In conclusion, be excellent to one another and I'll be back soon...


Monday, April 07, 2014

So, check this out. I am blogging from my iPad. I have internet, cable & a goddamned iPad. I'm never leaving my house again.

Also, you might not've known, but i'm totally pregnant, too. Just over eight months. So, we'll be going on maternity leave at the end of the month. Maybe i'll be around more.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hi! How the hell are you? I've missed y'all!!

So, I'm on my laptop once again. I'm pilfering wifi from work, just so I can update. If I was to tell you everything I've been up to for the past two+ years, we'd all be here for days. So, to sum up, after Lucy passed away, it was a very dark and turbulent time in my life. I'm finally starting to shake the black cloud that I lived under for so long...

It's a process. That's the thing I've since learned about depression: it's a vicious and insidious cycle. It convinces you that nothing you do will help, so you do nothing. It took all my courage to even tell my Momz that I was seriously depressed, and her sage advice? "Go take a shower, honey" o_O

So, I have two new dogs in my life: Thelonius Monk Nelson (Theo) and Harriet Magnolia Nelson. Both rescues, both with me for two years now.

In short, things are very different in 2013, and yet, some things will never change. Thanks for still being here.

I love you immensely - Heather

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey, y'all!! I'm blogging from my iPhone. I got my PowerBook back, but I cannot remember my stupid login password. I miss the blahg, and I definitely miss the therapeutic relief of blah blah blah-ing it all out.

I can't wait to see you on the regs again. Love you; mean it'

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I miss my laptop intensely. It's hard to blahg from my phone.

Here, enjoy this pic of Harriet & Theo sharing my blankie

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sorry I've been absent. I still don't have a laptop & posting from my phone can be a challenge.

I'm going through some shit (get the tissues, we've all got fucking issues), but when I get to other side of all this, I'll update ya!

Be excellent to each other.