Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh, hey... did I tell you that Du III has bees? I tried to get an up-close shot without getting stung, but I got skeered. The landlord casually mentioned it. I asked if I should be worried, and he was all ”nah, they've been there for almost three years.”

O.o Um, what? A hive of bees has been living here for three years and it didn't merit a pre-move in mention? He says it's nothing to sweat, they've never been an issue. I say sharing my abode with hundreds of flying, stinging things is cause for some alarm. Maybe that's just me.

I guess as long as they stay out there, and cause me no trouble, then we can coexist peacefully.

But the first bee that violates the fragile perimeter we've established dies a horrible death. I will not cede my home to a swarm of anything.