Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hi! How the hell are you? I've missed y'all!!

So, I'm on my laptop once again. I'm pilfering wifi from work, just so I can update. If I was to tell you everything I've been up to for the past two+ years, we'd all be here for days. So, to sum up, after Lucy passed away, it was a very dark and turbulent time in my life. I'm finally starting to shake the black cloud that I lived under for so long...

It's a process. That's the thing I've since learned about depression: it's a vicious and insidious cycle. It convinces you that nothing you do will help, so you do nothing. It took all my courage to even tell my Momz that I was seriously depressed, and her sage advice? "Go take a shower, honey" o_O

So, I have two new dogs in my life: Thelonius Monk Nelson (Theo) and Harriet Magnolia Nelson. Both rescues, both with me for two years now.

In short, things are very different in 2013, and yet, some things will never change. Thanks for still being here.

I love you immensely - Heather