Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm letting go now. I'm going to take my hands off this rail, lean all the way back, and then see what happens. If I fall, it will be all right. Falling down isn't failing; staying down is.

The rescue pit has had some complications following her surgery last week. It's made me very :( She was bleeding and parts of her insides were hanging out, and there was nothing we could do until the vet opened this morning.

In other news, I still think that as much as I do adore Daisy (and I really do), she needs to be re-homed. She needs to run. She is just too cooped up in here. She escapes the tiny backyard at least once a day. She's not happy here. Loving her means wanting her to have the best home possible. It's another thing that's making me :(

I was supposed to work a double today. Got up, got dressed, went in, went to pre-shift, only to get cut because I also work tonight. While it was cool to get the afternoon off, it would've been nice to get the call before coming all the way up there.