Monday, June 27, 2011

I found this thing called "That Can Be My Next Tweet". Holy shit, some of these are killing me! To whit:

Just found out on the hell to use my first time with my secret stash. what the couch.

Y'all can I could be reviewing all holiday-like when my universe if my living room so scuzzy today. 18.

Antiobiotics + tussicaps = documentary binge. I've seen the love seat so, my new tat tonight, then two?

Sign outside dr's office: no sunglasses. when my life at 9:00pm. Went & greet. gotta roll home.

My hoodie and am wearing arm warmers, a break-dancing stripper emergency! I was only January.

7-11 guy: you start to tire of emotions with me. My 1st concert was peace and potty and am wearing arm.

okay, I'll stop now. Also, I'm totally incorporating "what the couch" into my vernacular.

Why puppies are chirping. Dogs are having a bowl of emotions with my phone today.