Saturday, July 02, 2011

Okay, I work in the service industry. It's my job to know the food, know the drinks, really know the wine, and know the desserts.

Many times, when I speak to a table, and tell them the dessert menu ("verbal" in the biz), I get some variation on this reaction: Oh, look how little you are; you can't possibly know desserts.

The hell? You don't think I've ever tried our food? You don't think I've eaten our desserts on a regular basis? I work in a two-story restaurant. I go up and down the stairs about 136 times per shift. I also practice hot yoga. So, yes, I am skinny. But, I love my Tasty Pastry girls, and I sample their wares whenever I can.

So, when I tell you that the flourless tart with dark chocolate ganache, caramel, house-dipped caramel popcorn, chocolate mousse, a little bit more house-dipped caramel popcorn and salted butter ice cream on the side is amazing, please don't take it as an invitation to discuss my weight. I want you to finish off your meal on the perfect note.

Unless you'd prefer the almond brown butter cake with strawberry compote, strawberry sorbet and blood orange consomme?

Just trust me and eat what I suggest.