Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh man! One of my buddies got his first ink yesterday, and another is talking about going today. I really, really, REALLY want another tat.

Actually, I want three more: two originals and a cover-up. A purple om, a lollipop and some sort of White Tara on my back, where my wedding vows are now. Seems silly to keep those. :)

I was back to doing my nails every day. Then, two nails broke, and now they're all short & ugly. At least my pigs are usually cute. I'm way into crackle polishes now. Have been since February.

Theo had his first vet visit this week. She said he's in great health, he's probably going to be humongous, and she sees mostly heeler in him, rather than pit. She said his head looks a little like a pit, but mostly, he's heeler. He's the cutest heeler in the world!

So, last night, I was sitting here. It was about 2:30am. It rained last night, so it was fairly cool out. I had the front door open, but the screen door latched. I was waiting for a buddy to get off work and come hang with me. I was in the bathroom, cleaning the mud off my flip-flops, when the doorbell rang. The buddy I was expecting has open license to just come on in, whenever he wants. He usually announces himself, but he doesn't ring the doorbell.

I came out of the bathroom to find The Mexican.

"Hi!!", he said

"... hey", I said, as I unlatched the door slowly.

"I saw the lights on and the door was open, so I just stopped in."

Now folks, y'all know me. Is it ever okay to just stop by unannounced? No, it's not.

"Cool. I'm glad to see you, but I have plans."

"You're throwing me out?!", he asked me incredulously.

"Yeah, I am. I. Have. Plans."

Then, he went over to our Main Gays' house, and told them I was mean and threw him out for a boy.

a) yes, I threw him out

2) yes, I did reference a boy as I threw him, but regardless, he'd have been bounced for pulling a drop-in

#) you went and told our friends that I'm a big meanie? O.o Are you kidding me? Now, your visitation privileges are on lock down. I'm done with you for about a month

Call me a bitch. It's been said about me before. But, I don't like people playin' on my porch.