Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi! I've missed you. I was without internet for way too long. I called AT&T. I argued with them. Yes, I *am* an existing customer. For over two years. No, I do not need to register! Yes, please do send the technician.

Actually, this was the conversation about sending the technician

AT&T: I can schedule the service call for Wednesday between 8am & 8pm

me: Sounds great, but I work from 10am - 3pm on Wednesday.

AT&T: that's no problem, he'll come after 3pm. He'll come any time between between 8am & 8pm.

me: yeah, I won't be here from 8am to 3pm. Can you just schedule it for the afternoon?

AT&T: the only available time this week is Wednesday from 8am to 8pm. Would you like to schedule?

me: I'm telling you, I won't be available that whole day. I have to work.

AT&T: could you take a vacation day? It's really important that we examine your modem.

me: I'm not taking a day off work to wait for some dude to come tell me nothing is wrong with my modem. I already know that.

AT&T: all the tests I've run indicate that the problem exists on your end.

me: fine, when else can he come?

AT&T: He's available Wednesday from 8am to 8pm.

me: *sigh* Fine. If he could come at the last half of that, that'd be great.

AT&T: He will most likely arrive in the afternoon, depending on the schedule.

me: okay, because, again, I won't be here from 10am to 3pm.

AT&T: it will be fine.

Cut to this morning, at 9:30am. Guess what happened? Yeah, the technician called while I was on the way to work. He was on his way to my house. I wasn't there.

I called him back this afternoon, when I was at home. He came right out. He immediately assessed the issue. The construction across the street had cut the lines that run to the phone pole. It was lying in my driveway.

There was an argument between the construction guys and the AT&T guy. It was very loud and all in Spanish. I'm guessing the AT&T guy won, because the internet is back.