Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I went from a no-dog house to a two-dog house in a matter of weeks. First, I adopted Daisy. And then a friend asked if I would look after his dog, Cora. She is ridiculously cute and ridiculously sweet. So, I got two bitches up in here. Oh, and two dogs. :p

My friend, who was crashing here, got her own place. She hasn't moved any of her stuff into it yet. She keeps telling me that she is coming to move her things, and then I guess other stuff keeps her distracted. She really doesn't have to move far, so I hope she gets it done soon.

Mah Main Gay & I have a date Thursday night. We're going to yoga class at 7pm. Other people have said they're going with us, but he and I are going regardless. I am ready to get back into a regular practice. I am gettin' on up there in years, and the face ain't that great, so the least I can do is maintain the bod.

All righty, that's about all that's goin' here these days. I'll get back to you soon.