Monday, February 14, 2011

Daisy got out Saturday afternoon. I was bereft for the 40 minutes or so it took to find her. I drove around, with the windows down, yelling her name. I walked our street 15 times looking for her. I was just about to give up, because I had to go to work. I can't call out late because I'm looking for my dog. What if I still didn't find her? Then I'm late for no reason. I hate being late. So, I was loading my uniform into the car. I still had a cookie for the girl in my hand. Suddenly, she went running down the other side of our street. I saw her. I called her name. Then I ran into traffic to stop her from running into traffic. I gave her the cookie, grabbed her collar and walked her into the house and directly into the kennel. Such a relief, I started crying again. Jesus, I am an emotional wreck.

In other news, Darth Baby came this morning. He's a little early, but he's here! I can't wait to go to NJ and meet him in person.