Thursday, October 28, 2010

there we go. i've fixed a couple of things. no huge universal shifts or anything, but i am getting things back to where they need to be.

i got hit by some sort of bug yesterday. felt like crap all day, called out to work, which is a bad idea when you have no money. a worse idea, however, is going in and working and spreading your germs and making yourself sicker. i'll take the couch and broke, thanks.

the senator has this new trick where when i have the laptop on my actual lap, he wants to be a lap kitty. he hates to be picked up, and we're just now getting to a stage where he'll be a snuggle kitty. but as soon as the laptop is on my thighs, he needs to be there, too. what a weirdo.

i'm going to take a shower and play with temporary hair colors. this will either go really well, or i'll have to wash my hair 20 times before work to fix it.

wish me luck!