Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I still haven't entirely unpacked from ACL. My suitcase is still at the foot of the bed, containing three or four shirts, two tank tops, a pair of pj pants (with a messed up drawstring) and a pair of chonies. If I don't unpack, then it's not really over :) Someone has certainly enjoyed having it there.

I will say I regret not buying a t-shirt or some sort of memento. I have some photos, and my wristbands, but y'all know how much I love a t-shirt.

My house is empty again, except for me & the jerk pets. I used to relish my own private space, but having someone around for a while was nice. Plus, we watched Jeopardy together. It's not as much fun to watch when there's no one else here to know the answers with you.

Story of Awesome:

I haven't been eating very much lately. I did decide late last Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning that I was hungry. That late, there are 24-hour options: McDonald's or Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box does breakfast 24/7, and all I really wanted was a sausage biscuit with grape jelly. Jack in the Box was the obvious winner. It is less than a mile from the house. It was a fairly short trip. I was coming up the porch. I know this porch really well. One, two, three steps, screen door, front door. Somehow, not surprisingly, I tripped and fell. I fall a lot. I went down hard on my knees. So not graceful. I gashed my foot, near my big toe, and I lost half of my big toenail. BUT! I saved the sausage biscuit, jelly and the orange juice.