Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I totally forgot to tell you about my wildlife adventure!

Very early Sunday morning, when I tapped out of the house party, I went down to my room to wash my face and lie down for bed. I was in the bathroom, washing the day off. As I turned the water off, I heard one of my friends knocking on the door.

"Pumpkin, did you bring nail polish remover with you?", he asked.

I was coming out of the bathroom to say that I hadn't. It went something like this:

"No, sweetie, I left all that stuff in Dal...SCORPION! SCORPION! THERE'S A SCORPION IN MY ROOM!!"

I opened the door and ran past my friend and down the hallway.

"Fix it! Oh my god! Do something! SCORPION!!"

"I'm on it.", he said. I went upstairs, and outside onto the smoking patio. More friends were out there.

"I thought you were going to bed?", one of them said.

"Well, I totally was, but there's a scorpion in my room."

"Oh, cool! I want to see it"

"Well, I put someone in charge of it."

And I went back downstairs. I peered around the corner.

"Did you handle it?" I asked.

"Yes. It's dead."

"Are you *sure* it's dead."

"Yep. It's in pieces. You want to come double-check?"

"Um, no, but be careful cleaning it up. I don't want its corpse to sting you."

"I'm on it.", he reassured me.

As he was cleaning it up, my other friend came down the stairs, holding a glass.

"Where is it?", he asked with wonder in his eyes.

"It's dead.", I replied.

"You killed it?"

"No, your brother did. What was your plan?"

"I was gonna set it free." He seemed almost dejected.

"Oh. Well I like the killing plan better, since it now cannot come back in here."

Then I spent a solid 30 minutes looking through all of my clothes and bedding making sure there wasn't another scorpion, waiting to catch me when I was asleep and vulnerable.