Saturday, September 04, 2010

my friends are taking me to Austin for ACL. I have to get out of this city. I have to get out of my head.

My friend is still staying over here. I begged him not to go home. Or if he has to go home, to please take me with him. I average about five hours of sleep a night, and it's tossing and turning hours, not restful hours. Vivid nightmares.

Lu is starting to behave like a sickly dog. It's getting hard for her to walk. She is tired all the time. She doesn't eat as much as she used to. She whines (more than is her beagle-y usual). I wish that love was enough to cure her. She would be the healthiest dog ever.

I miss the old me. Obviously, this is the me that I am now. But if you see carefree, swirly, twirly Heather, tell her I said "hi" and that I miss her a lot.