Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I didn't have a nightmare last night. I took a bunch of anti-anxiety meds and slept peacefully from 4:30 - 10 am, without waking up. It was awesome. Update: Of course, after posting this, I was up until 6:30am, and had those goddamned dreams again. But I had one good night, right?

I will eventually rally, once I get past the inevitable, I promise. But until then, expect more of the morose, emo bullshit. Apologies in advance.

Actually, I don't apologize. I've said it repeatedly: the blahg = therapy for me. Because I refuse to go talk to someone who charges $150 an hour just to tell me how fucked up I am. I already know that.

I have been lying on the couch the entire day, and it has been amazing. I woke up, took a shower, and came back out here to lie down. I hope this is how everyone celebrates Labor Day.

I've lost weight recently, and now none of my clothes fit. I have two choices: start eating right again, or buy new clothes. Obvs, I need to go to the mall.

Actually, I think a spin through Northpark might be exactly what the doctor ordered.