Wednesday, September 08, 2010

oh, Hurricane Hermine. What a terrible name, what wonderful rain. I ended up with the night off work last night, because there was no business. My friend (the one who is staying here) was asleep in the car before we even got home at 6:30pm. I managed to nap for a couple of hours. Who can't sleep in a dark & rainy environment?

I got some more new music from a good friend. He burned me six cds for my six-disc changer. He made me one of someone called Girltalk. Holy shit, it's amazing. It's a DJ who mixes literally everyone. Seriously. One song is Kelly Clarkson mixed with Nine Inch Nails! There's about 40 different samples in each song. He also made me a Drake cd, which I kind of love, and a mix cd which I begged him to put Cee Lo's newest song on.

I'd close my eyes again, but I already know what will happen: I'll fall asleep and have a nightmare or I'll lie here, willing myself to snooze for two hours before I finally give up.

I need stronger drugs or for my body to just give out, please.