Saturday, January 02, 2010

I came home after a long & not so profitable shift on NYE to discover that my cat & dog had worked in tandem to get the Milkbones (dog treats), the Pounce (cat treats) and fudge stripe cookies (my treats) off the top of the fridge and into their bellies.

When I went into the kitchen to feed Lucy, I noticed her box of cookies on the floor. And not as full as it had been when I left for work. Thinking that was a little weird, but not fully grasping what had happened yet, I fed her and went into the bedroom to take off my uniform. There, in the middle of the bed, was the plastic carton that the cookies reside in. But there were no cookies. Shit. I walked out into the living room. There was the cookie package's wrapper, and also the empty packet of Pounce. I'm pretty sure the cat got most of the Pounce. And based on the all night puking & pooping festival Lucy had, I'm guessing that's who enjoyed the assorted cookies. She got it out of her system, and was eatin' boiled chicken & brown rice and drinkin' Pedialyte until this afternoon.

I finished my whole year of movie quotes on Facebook. T'was fun, and I think I'll keep it going. I am still trying not to repeat, but I am not sure that I have seen 730 movies. I probably have, but we'll see. I only used one stand-up special last go 'round, so maybe I'll use some of those. I have definitely seen a lot of those.

Y'all know that I am not big on resolutions. But I am resolving to go to at least one yoga class per week. I am also debating doing a week-long intensive training program in Mexico, just to brush up. I was certified way back in 2003, so it's been a while. I've done workshops and whatnots. But I'd like to spend a week refocusing & refreshing. I'm also hoping to fall back in love with the practice.

I started the Great Buffy Rewatch of TwentyTen. OMG, how cute was Alyson Hanigan, even in the awkward, gawky nerdteen late nineties outfits. And Sarah Michelle Gellar when she looked like a healthy normal girl, instead of a q-tip (super skinny stick bod with large cotton puff head).

All right, I'm gonna make like a baby here, and head out.