Sunday, September 06, 2009

I forgot to tell you how much I loved Inglourious Basterds. It's now my second favorite Tarantino. Number one will always be Pulp Fiction. But IB was sooooo gooood. Brad Pitt was the least awesome thing in it, but that's more because I don't find Brad Pitt, as an actor, interesting. He's always just Brad Pitt. He's too famous, and he's just himself in everything I see him in. Same thing with Tom Cruise. This was just Brad Pitt, sporting an atrocious accent. I did LOL when he was speaking Eye-talian.

But the guy who played Colonel Landa...jesus, that guy was good. I have never been so creeped out by someone asking for a glass of milk. Also, more LOLz at his pipe.

Mostly, it was some hot dudes (most especially Eli Roth, Gedeon Burkhart and Daniel Bruhl), with some seriously beautiful set design and a story that kept me involved for more than two hours. Thumbs up!