Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy 09/09/09!

Here are nine things I love about Dallas:

1) Northpark mall. Sculpture. The most expensive department store that exists (Neiman Marcus. <3!) to the cheapest store there is (Forever 21. <3!) Movies. No less than four coffee shops. Turtles and ducks that live inside. It's amazing. It's my most favoritest thing about this town.

2) The Granada Theatre - it used to be a midnight movie house, where you could smoke in the balcony while you were eating nachos and drinking beer. I saw Chasing Amy so many times there with The Ex and his band of merry men. Now, it's a sumptuously redesigned concert venue where I've seen Bob Schneider no less than 10 times.

3) The Inwood Theatre - the downstairs theatre has couches. And bean bags. And some of them have tables. And oh my god, it's the best place in the world to see movies. I wish I didn't work so late, because the midnight movie this week is Lebowski. I saw District 9 there Monday night.

4) the little hidden pockets of beauty I see when I walk through downtown. I take a lot of pics with the camera phone, of which blogger will not let upload a single one right now. Will try again later.

5) The Nasher Sculpture center. I was working on the 25th floor of the building directly in front of it as it was being constructed. It's beautiful.

6) the dog park under the freeway in Deep Ellum

7) The State Fair ferris wheel

8) that I work in a Dallas landmark. My job might frustrate me sometimes, but I am such a dork that any time I see my iconic building on tv, I go "hey, I work there!"

9) walking my dog down Swiss Avenue. It's an unspeakably gorgeous, tree lined, historic home laden street two streets away from my own.