Monday, August 17, 2009

My softball team kicked ass! We won 14 - 4. I batted twice. I struck out on my first at bat. My second time, I hit it to right field, and ran all the way to second. Woo! When I went to third, I didn't touch the base, so I had to back up, and do it again. We have a double-header next week, 4;15 and 5:15. We play for one hour, and whoever has the higher score at the end of the hour wins. We had the way higher score. Then, we went and had beers and victory shots at the bar.

In my adventures in athleticism today, I purchased what I thought to be a purple G2 for hydration purposes. It was a balmy 102 degrees when we took the field. It was only that I noticed that I had grabbed a bottle of blueberry-pomegranate low-calorie Gatorade. That can't be a real flavor, you say? Oh, yes it is. That is a true story.