Friday, July 31, 2009

I am up early, and need to haul my butt to yoga, but I just don't want to move. I need to seriously focus on finding a job, and finding one where I want to live. My job here is awful. I get that we're in a tourist destination, with a hotel attached to the restaurant. But so help me Thor, I will choke the next yokel who brays "ain't y'all got nachos no more?" at one of us. No, we ain't got nachos no more. Did you look at a menu before you came upstairs? Because they're in the lobby and at the reception desk, so you're not surprised to find out that the cheapo restaurant that used to be where we are closed down almost two years ago. Because they couldn't stay in business, because of yokels like you. Thanks in advance.

Actually, my plan is to go in to work a little early tonight to speak with my manager about transferring out of 214. I said the time has come, and I meant it. There has got to be more to my life than struggling to find the will to leave my house day in, day out.

And my crazy is taking over. I had to leave a burger joint yesterday because of it. My friends called me to tell me to come and meet them. So, I went to meet them. They'd been drinking for a bit, but I didn't know they'd already eaten. I was hungry, and asked for a menu. They started telling me what they'd eaten. I couldn't stay there with them, because I can't be the only one eating. I can't have my friends watch me eat. If they're eating, I'm fine. But if it's just me? Cannot. Do. It. Had a mini panic attack and drove home with my head ringing and my heart pounding. Because I am just that nuts.

Next up: talking to myself as I walk along the streets of Dallas, like your average crazy person.