Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can we talk about text messages for a second? We all know that I love them. I think they're one of my favorite forms of communication. But there are some things that it is acceptable to text and some things it is not.

Acceptable texts:

"I'm running five minutes late" or "meet me at Northpark at 4:30" or "Can I borrow your copy of King Baby" or "Can I come over after work to watch Jeopardy?"

All of these things can be conveyed in 160 characters or less, and don't require the effort that speaking to me would.

Conversely, there some things that are not acceptable for text messages. Some things that need to be conveyed should be done via at minimum a phone call and sometimes, even face to face.

Unacceptable texts:
"Honey, Grandma died last night. Will call you after Gdad and I go to funeral home. Love you" or "I'm truly sorry for what happened. It was not my intention for it to go down that way. Please forgive me" or "can I have your vicodin?" or "I can't treat you because I'm attracted to you"

Holy shit, people. I realize that instant communication is appealing, but spare me the inappropriate words. If you have something important to tell me, then don't puss out behind an emotionless series of 160 letters and spaces.