Saturday, July 25, 2009

There's some sort of 80s festival on one of the upper movie channels. It started with Weird Science, now Spaceballs and original Terminator is after that. *thumbs up*

Why do I have to explain to my friends repeatedly that being single does not equal being unhappy? I really like spending time by myself. Plus, I have had plenty of relationships when I was younger. I think this part of my life should be all about me.

Actually, my whole life should be about me. I don't want kids. I don't want a spouse. I take care of Lucy, but I think she takes care of me, too. I could maybe see taking on a long-term gentleman friend. But to share a house, a bank account, a bathroom, a life with another human? I'm just too flaky. The things that I want fluctuate from year to year. I just want to be happy with me. I can't handle being responsible for someone else's happiness.

Or I'm blocking out the world, so that I become impervious to pain.

Also, I ditched Super-Cute Trainer after two lessons, and got myself a real kickboxing coach. He teaches S.W.A.T. officers combat training. He's the real deal, and I'm totally gonna be kicking people's asses in no time. Or, just randomly flexing at strangers and grunting.

Either way...