Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why am I an atheist, you ask? After all, my family are, by and large, deeply religious. I was raised as a Methodist, and attended catechism, because I wanted to marry a Catholic, in Catholic church. But my family are the judgmental-type of religious. The type that wants to tell you what to do and how to do it and couch it in "that's the Christian way", which is crap. I don't need an invisible, all-seeing, often cruel dad to tell me "be good, Heather." I already know that.

I am an atheist because the people who claim to speak for the man in charge tend to be the biggest assholes. A life-saving doctor was murdered (in his church, I might add) today. Does that not turn your whole "Jebus wants everything to live" argument to shit? If you're against abortion, don't have one. Don't tell me that I can't. And don't tell me what your god wants. Murdered, in his own church. Unreal. How can you claim to respect and enforce god's word when his house means nothing to you?

I am an atheist because marriage is alleged to be sacred (LOLz!), and not everyone can marry. And don't give me civil unions, either. All or nothing, people. Remember how well it worked out the last time we tried the "separate, but equal" thing? Decide what love means to you, and do that. Don't fret about how anyone else loves. If you're against homosexual marriage, don't marry a homosexual.

I hope Dr. Tiller felt no pain, and I think it's disgusting that he was murdered for providing care to women. I hope that anyone who wants to marry (why the hell would you want to??) gets the unburdened right to marry, and soon. And I hope god keeps his fucking opinions out of it.