Sunday, May 24, 2009

At my last Du, my neighbor and I got along great. We had a fantastically symbiotic relationship, movie nights, fifties dinner nights and even a couple of party all night nights, and we remain friends to this day.

At the new Du II, the neighbor & I are not going to get along. She shorted me one day in the "every other week in the driveway" arrangement already. Her live-in boyfriend's car is dead in front of our house, so it never moves. And they have a dog. An out of control, six month old, pit bull lab mix. An out of control, six month old, pit bull lab mix, who they never walk and let shit in the front and back yard without cleaning it, and who yesterday, came after Lu as we were walking up our sidewalk to our front door from a walk. I had to kick the neighbor's dog twice to get her off Lu. Next up, I'm buying mace. Oh yeah, and they tie her to their porch on a lead that is so long, she can sit on my porch.

I'm calling animal control tomorrow (hope they work on holidays) before this dog comes after mine again. You shouldn't leave a pit or pit mix on a chain like that. And you can't leave your dog on my porch.