Friday, May 22, 2009

Holy crap! This move is killing me. There is so much wrong with new Du II that I feel like I will never get it set up and in proper working order. I feel crazy because I still have some boxes that need to be put away. And y'all know how bananas I am anyway.

I'll get there. The landlord has some things to handle before I feel totally comfortable unpacking every last thing. It will all get taken care of it when it's supposed to.

One thing that was killing me: the new to me refrigerator that my landlord had put in for me makes a horrible noise. It finally got so bad that I turned it off, because I could not handle the squeak anymore. It was either turn it off and buy new milk and yogurt or leave it to make that horrible noise and go Hulk-style crazy and throw it out into the busy street in a fury. So, new milk and yogurt it is :)