Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We took Nuge to the Grape for her celebration of birth. I went to pick her up, and the whole ride back to the Little Green House, she kept asking where we going for dinner. I kept replying "Sonic."

The food at the Grape is always wonderful. Nuge had bacon wrapped scallops, Smang had steak & frites, and I chose pork chops. Since I was saving room for dessert, I boxed up my second pork chop.

The Mexican came over after he got off work. Smang had already driven Nuge home. We decided to watch Jim Gaffigan's new stand up. I just got it at Tarzhay for $12. Hooray. The Mexican was reminded that there were delicious pork chops in the fridge. He began to do what I will refer to as "The Pork Chop Jig of Joy", which apprently angered the pork chop gods.

Immediately following his triumphant hurrahs, from the kitchen, there came an ominous "oh no!"

That's right, he dropped it.

Smang and I ran in to assess the damages. It's a good thing the bitches were outside. The Mexican debated rinsing it off and nuking it anyway.

Smang and I convinced him otherwise. Not that we're filthy, but we let the bitches run this house, and there is hair everywhere. As The Mexican inspected his leftovers more carefully, he discovered we were right.

I said it was a good thing the bitches were outside, but please know that the second that chop hit the floor, Lu came to the back door to offer assistance with the clean-up effort.