Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've lived in Dallas for 12 years now, and this weekend, Smang took me to a fairy tale house that I didn't even know was here. A magical, mystical place, not five minutes from my house. A place I shall henceforth refer to as Swan Lake. See, they have a lake in their front yard. And I really think they like swans. Because there was a swan gate. And a swan boat. And two real, live attack swans.

I tried to take bunches of pics, but I don't know these people or how they feel about photos being taken of their home. A lady was sitting on the steps when I first got out of the car. I assume she lives there, and would've shooed me if I was disturbing her. I stayed at the edge of the property. I wish I could go up closer and take better pics. I am in love with this place. I want to sit on the steps in front of the swan lake and write little short stories.

Swan Gate

Swan Boat

If you enlarge the pics, you can see the real, live attack swans. They were over by lady when I got there. You can see them getting closer in the first pic, and by the second pic, that one swan was like "bitch, I'ma kill you", and I got all scared because he was heading for that tiny ramp. He was coming right for me.

Dear Lady in the Fairy Tale Swan Lake House~

Thank you for this pocket of beauty in Dallas. Your house is awesome. Plus also, TURTLES!

Kind Regards,