Monday, April 06, 2009

can't sleep again. Brown Dog has some intestinal discomfort at around 5:00am. I leapt off the couch to get her outside, because I hate cleaning up vomick. Then, Lu decided that she might as well go on and get sick, too. So, I turned on Christmas Vacation, thinking I'd drift off again. But nope. Now, I've moved on to Scrooged. I don't own A Christmas Story, or that would be next.

In other news, today is my baby seester's 27th birthday. I remember the day she was born distinctly. I was getting ready for school when mom went into labor. She was standing in the bathroom at the time. We lived in the orange house on Westview in Spring Branch in Houston. We moved to the house on Ivyridge very soon after Tiffanerd was borned.

Tiff's birthday is the day before our mom's. So, I am trying to get my shift covered tomorrow just to drive down and see her. I have long teased my momz about being elderly. But since tomorrow is her 60th birthday, she really *is* elderly. She's an awesome senior citizen. She and my step-dad spent the last week in Tahoe. I doubt they did anything other than gamble and ride motorcycles in the mountains. May we all be so happy the week we turn 60.

I am going to see about dozing off again. I don't think it's gonna happen. I predict that I was pass out sometime around 2pm. Have a girl's night out planned tonight for the Nuge, since her birthday was last week.

That covers everyone's birthdays until Nanny in May. Phew!