Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm on-call again today. So I called the restaurant fifteen minutes before my scheduled call time. I wanted to have time wash my face and reapply mascara. Whatevs. So, I called and spoke to our Door Manager. I told Door Manager that I was on-call, and I was doing my call. She said "we're all good, go have some fun." Well, I don't have any money, so going out is not an option. But knowing that I have the night off means I can watch a movie or take a nap or do another load of laundry. Because that's the kind of party animal I am. So, I turned on North by Northwest, made a crusty bread, peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich, and kicked off my Chucks. My phone rang. It was an unlisted number, but I knew from the exchange that it was the restaurant. It was Beverage Manager, reminding me that I was on-call. I told him I called almost 20 minutes ago and was told I wasn't needed. "Has that changed?", I asked with much obvious trepidation in my voice. "No, I just wanted to make sure you'd called."

Awesome job of communicating there, team. Good talk, see ya out there.