Friday, March 06, 2009

I got a certified letter from the IRS yesterday. But, I wasn't here to sign for it, so they left me a certified letter notice and said "come and get it." So this morning, during my errands, I stopped in at the post office that is right across the highway, next to the grocery store. I waited in line for my turn. I went right up to the lady and handed her my notice. She shook her head and said "you need to go to Casa Linda post office." And then, to emphasize her point, she turned over my card and showed me where it very clearly had the address of the post office I should have been in. *sigh* I'll go before work, I guess.

In other news, we all know that I'm a dork. I picked it up partially from The Ex and partially from a boy I grew up with who, like me, didn't quite fit in in small-town Texas. I kind of really like dark comics, and Watchmen is kind of really dark. Needless to say, but lemme say it anyway, I'm am so excited to see it on Sunday. Wanna come with?