Monday, February 16, 2009

I was challenged to show my day, in pictures. I started off last Tuesday, grand opening. Smang is the one with the camera, so I borrowed it. I got my yoga students to agree to let me take some pics, so long as they weren't identifiable. I got some really cool shots of downtown, and the swirly, angry sky that led to Tuesday night's very quick storm. Then, as I was walking into work, the camera battery died. So, I came home, charged it and tried again on Wednesday.

Wednesday, I waited until I got there to turn it on. I took some shots, and then went in. I grabbed some of the tunnel that I was hoping would turn out looking all artsy fartsy, since the tunnel is dark. As I came back up through the lobby, I went to get a shot of the giant banner that announces our restaurant's arrival. The camera beeped, and then the battery died. Again. I came home, charged it and decided to try one more time.

Friday morning, I was looking for Brown Dog. She likes to get into mischief, a trait I'm certain she picked up from my dog. (ed. note - my dog came out of my bedroom with a piece of tape roller stuck to her paw yesterday. It had a distinct bite mark taken out of it.

See? Goat dog.)

Anyway, Brown Dog sometimes like to sleep under tables. She was curled up under the night-table in Smang's bedroom. It was ridiculously cute, so I ran for the camera. I had gotten off three shots when the camera beeped, it said "LENS" on the screen, and then it died. Again. I pressed the off button. It beeped, it said "LENS" and then it died again. And apparently, that was its last gasp. The lens fell off altogether. You can't take many pictures without a lens. And I don't have the money to replace it.

I finished the day in pics challenge with my camera phone, since all the pics on the camera died with the camera. *sigh*

Here's my day, in Sidekick pics, if you're interested.