Friday, February 20, 2009

Smang makes the best guacamole. The. Best. It's so good, I've licked the bowl to get the last of it. It's so good that I get mad when other people try to make it. It's so good that I have been known to devour party-sized servings on my own, when we weren't even having a party. It's so good that it's my number one request of her. Please make guacamole for me. If you're ever with her, buy her some avocados, tomatoes, onions and limes. She'll make the magic happen.

In other news, I can't stop singing "I'm on a Boat". Like all the Lonely Island songs, it's incredibly catchy and quite hilare and in no way safe for work. Go to iTunes and buy it. Or the local cd haus or what have you.

I'm going to watch My Fair Lady. G'night, guv'ner.