Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy crap! There were so many people in there! And a lot going on. Local celebrities. Reality show contestants. Every amazing chef in our fair city. I managed to be awesome by dropping not one, but two (!) trays of champagne. I did it before any guests had come upstairs. I also immediately took myself off tray duty and greeted instead. "Good evening. Welcome. Good evening. Welcome." I'm so not complaining. Three servers got assigned to elevator duty. That means they rode one of the three elevators up and down and up and down all night long. No thanks. I'll take "Good evening. Welcome." over elevators any day.

Yesterday, at Target, I saw the dvd of Heathers on sale for $9. I didn't buy it because I was certain (certain!) that I already owned. Unless I loaned it out and simply forget to whom I loaned it, I totally don't own that movie. The hell?

I couldn't sleep for three straight nights. I was awake until at least 6am Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. And my dogs do not sleep past 9am. So I got about 6 hours of sleep over three days. Last night, I crashed. Hard. So, now I have to finish my laundry.

And then go to work and do this all over again.