Thursday, November 27, 2008

Live blogging!

I should have started this last night, because that's when the cooking started. But we're here now, so let's do this.

7:47am - turkey is in its first roasting stage

8:25am - ok, foil covered and back in the over

8:27am - and there goes the fire alarm

8:40am - the parade is on

9:06am - I was watching the Macy's parade, but changed the channel to watch the city of Mumbai exploding again

12:33pm - I've finally turned off CNN and am frying up the bacon for my dressing

1:45pm - both of the smoke detectors have been disabled...awesome

2:00pm - dressing and sweet potatoes on the oven, potatoes on their way to boil, green beans simmering in sauvignon blanc

2:18pm - it smells fantastic in here

3:06pm - everyone's eating

5:14pm - it's time for dessert

5:41pm - food coma

6:05pm - what do you mean you've never seen Big Lebowski? How is that possible?

7:20pm - more eating

8:30pm - it's time for Christmas Vacation. It's officially the holidays.

I'm going to go explode now.