Monday, November 17, 2008

Ladies! Lookit, I love boots. I love all kinds of boots. I even love those gooddamned shooties or shoe boots or whatever you want to call them. When my GM & I went to the Crescent to drop off concierge packages, I stopped by Stanley Korshak, just so I could ogle the Christian Louboutin knee-length suede boots. (side note: iwantitiwantiwantitiwantit!) I love boots in the fall, even though it's hovering in the high 70s/low 80s here in Dallas. But for the love of all that is beautiful, STOP WEARING BLACK LEGGINGS/TIGHTS WITH BROWN BOOTS! It kills me a little bit every time I see it. And I'm seeing it a lot lately. Also, don't wear brown tights and black boots. Those don't match either. You're killing your father, Larry.

So, Ling Ling gave me this awesome card for my birthday. She wrote a poem in it, and then a really sweet note. And I was all "awww!" And then I put it on the coffee table next to my other birthday card. And then I left it there. Because I'm lazy. And, since my dog is a jerk, she ate it. Smang said she found it in the yoga room. Which means Lu took it off the table and into another room to not just eat my birthday card, but to really savor it. *sigh*

does anyone want a slightly used mutt?