Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Between my two seesters, I have five nieces and nephews. They're all awesome kids, and each of them has something that makes them a completely wonderful small person. Well, in the case of Peatoes, not so small anymore. She's like, almost 6 feet tall. But yeah, they're all great and I'm not supposed to have a favorite. But my baby seester has a tiny little red-headed son, and he's just the sweetest thing on earth. He's a little on the frail side, and in his school picture, he's sporting a fauxhawk and his smile takes up half of his cute little face. OMGAWW! I told my seester yesterday that I was coming to steal him. So. Cute!

Next week is the Festival of Dead Bird. Yay! The grocery list has been compiled. The recipes have been retrieved from their storage spaces. The turkey brining bucket will be gotten out of the garage and washed down this weekend. I cannot wait to eat! I hope if you're in town, and you're looking for something to do, you'll consider stopping by.

My bacon jalapeno cornbread stuffing is really tasty. Just sayin'.