Monday, October 13, 2008

My roommate always makes me cds. Ever since I lost my iPod (a moment of silence, please), she keeps me in mix cds. She got me the Kings of Leon "Only By the Night" cd. I've given my copy to several people, it's just that good. But I've been listening to Kings of Leon pretty much non-stop since summer. Well, last summer. Dammit, I love them, all right?

So, anyway...she makes me mix cds. I tease her about being such an emophag. She watches MTV & Fuse. She checks youtube for the newest pop videos. It's funny, but she loves pretty much all music, so I get it.

She made me a cd this weekend. She put an All American Rejects song on the cd. I was all, "dude, don't make take away your black eyeliner & hoodies. Emophag!" And then, I actually listened to the stupid song. And, then, I listened to it again. Dammit if I can't stop playing it in the car.

Ugh! Quit infecting me with your music!

Can I borrow your black hoodie?