Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm watching Young Frankstein. After this, I'm going to watch Dr. Stangelove.

Almost all of my favorite movies are older movies. The Apartment. Sunset Boulevard. Double Indemnity. And that's just the Billy Wilders!

The costumes are better. The jokes are funnier. The stories actually convey things other than "Watch this thing explode!!!" Oooo! I'm still mad about being made to watch parts of Transformers at Former Amigo Especial's house. Although, I did like when he sang the song, in his cute little Mexican accent. One night, he made me sushi and we were going to watch a movie. While he was getting everything ready, he chose to turn on Transformers on HBO. When it was time to eat dinner and watch a different and complete movie, he offered up several dvds, including 21 with Kevin Spacey. I chose The Graduate on TCM. "Jou doan wan to watch a dbd?" Nope, not really. Most especially not one with Kevin Spacey.

At my age, I don't have 90 minutes to waste on boring crap. At my age, I'd rather watch something I know to be good than be pissed about losing that time. Or worse, napping through $10 movies.