Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have over 500 posts. Wow.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day thinking about Sylvia. I wore the memorial service dress. It was such a struggle to find "the right dress", and I only wore it that one time. It's a cute dress. I would never go to honor my yaya looking like a hot mess. She was the one taught me about nail polish and accessories and looking put together in the first place.

So, yesterday morning, I had planned to wear a different grey dress to work. I have large sections of my closet devoted to black and brown clothes. I only own five grey things. I painted my nails a new color (O.P.I. holiday 2008 - Brand New Skates), and matching is important. But the original dress had a stain. So, I pulled out the other work appropriate grey dress. Which is the memorial service dress. And for the first time since winter, I decided it would be okay to wear it.

And then the whole day, I could not stop thinking about her. Her laugh. Her eyes. Her Parianous pinkie toe (she swore that we all have the same fat pinkie toe, and that it comes from her). The discussions between my grandparents about the amenities in the house in Slow-cala. See photo below.

I still can't delete her name from my phonebook. The entry still reads Gramma & Granddaddy.