Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tomorrow is my day off. I have to teach at noon and I'm teaching a demo class at 6:30pm. Also, I have to get my oil changed at 1pm and there is a mandatory manager's meeting at work at 3:30pm. Doesn't sound like much of a day off.

My compatriot at work is leaving me. She's being transferred to another concept. I am thrilled for her. It's just all around good news for her. But for me? Well, when she told me, I put the phone down and cried. Because she's my only ally at work. Also, the only other female at work. Well, there is the sassy little girl that works the raw bar. But she's back of the house. And she doesn't speak much English. And while I'm decent at Spanish (well, Spanglish, really), it's not like I can chat with her. But my compatriot is the reason I enjoy going to work. We go all the way back to working together at The Cheesefunk. Now she's leaving and I've got nothing. At least she'll be at my mecca, Northpark. Like I need more excuses to go there. AMIRIGHT?

In news of new lows: I painted my nails in my car today. I had painted them Parlez Vous OPI last night. I wore navy pants, an off-white blouse and a leprechaun green 1/2 jacket tonight. My nails were pretty, but they didn't match. It was just poor planning on my part. And I was out of my awesome top coat, so I stopped by the beauty supply sto' on my way to work. I had even allotted extra time for the errand. I also bought those nail polish remover pads and leetle bitty bottle of some color called "Behave!". And then I did my nails and listened to Kings of Leon while I waited the ten minutes it takes for the awesome top coat to set. I painted my nails in my car, man!

Speaking of Kings of Leon, in one week, Smang and I will be attending the Kings of Leon show at Palladium Ballroom. Do join us and the Followill boys for the evening, won't you?

Someone like you and all you know and how you speak.