Thursday, October 02, 2008

Check me out! I've got a date tonight. Woo. He's got a Latin last name, but no discernible accent, so it will probably just be one date and done. Who knows? I also asked out one of my yoga students. I can't decide if that's inappropriate or not. He's South African, the yogi. Cute cute cute!

I should be getting ready for work. I have many things to accomplish today. Instead, am 1/2 dressed, sitting on the love seat, reading about the world.

One final note: I am only going to say this one thing about the upcoming elections, and then I don't wanna talk about it again. I am too damn discouraged at the entire thing. I would never dream of telling someone how to vote, because what I think really only matters to me. But please, for the love of the Constitution, go out and exercise your rights and vote on November 4th.

Ok, I'm going to work. I work hard, so I can make more money. So I can buy more shoes. So I can go to work. So I can work hard. So I can buy more shoes.

What economic crisis?