Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We need better exterminators! I hired one, because it was the same extermination company I used when I was married, and lived just on the other side of Northwest Highway. Never had a bug problem there. I also had The Ex's dog, Casper, bringing tiny, dead field mice to the backdoor nearly every day. But that's a horse of a different color.

I keep having to battle enormous flying cockroaches in my bathroom. My bathroom is supposed to be a haven. It's where I keep all my yummy smelling girly stuff. All my make-up is in there. Hair products of varying uses and interesting smells. It's decorated in a purple French theme. It's supposed to be awesome. Creatures which terrify me so (as those fucking flying cockroaches do) should not be in an awesome room. They should not be in my house at all!

And my pest control comes with a guarantee of no creepy crawlies. I have creepy crawlies! Mother of pearl, have I got the creepy crawlies! When I called the pest people, they told me that those monsters are attracted to soaps. Well, then come and put some SRSBIZNESS poison out and get rid of them, because I am not getting rid of soap. Soap > monsters.

Oh, and in I am Ridiculous news, I paid $75 for a 45 minute foot/leg scrub/massage yesterday. After non-stop 12 hour shifts in heels (I don't even feel my feet anymore. I also don't care. I'm still wearing heels.), it felt fantastic!