Saturday, September 27, 2008

We have the moodiest chef. All chefs struggle with moodiness (another of the 1000 reasons Former Amigo Especial is former and not current). But our head chef is over the top. He loses his temper and screams. And throws things. Dishes. Towels. Racks.

Most of the time, it's a blow-up and then he settles relatively quickly. The last two times he's flipped out, he's thrown an apron as he screams "I QUIT!". Both times, I have been standing in the kitchen, and they've hit me in the face. Last night I yelled "quit throwing aprons at me!" before I could stop my mouth. Sorry, I am sensitive about my countenance right now. Stop throwing dirty things at it!

Everyone stands there and tolerates his fits. I am more of a mediator, so I usually try to diffuse the situation as fast as possible. I move whatever server he's yelling at. I start cleaning up broken dishes. I think the next time he flips out, I am going to call him on it. Five minutes after I yelled, he was back on the line and cooking away. Guess you changed your mind about quitting?

Also, he is nicer to me than he is to anyone else. So, the next fit he pitches, I am going to sit him in my office in a timeout. If you're going to act like you need a babysitter, I have no choice other than to fucking babysit you.

Off to shower now. Have a hell of day today. I teach at 9, 10:15 and 11:30, then I work at the restaurant from 4 until close. Wee!