Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my last night was a good one. It was an evening that started with being allowed to go change clothes and start drinking with about one hour to go until we closed. It ended yesterday morning, when Smang came to ask me if I'd fed the dogs and found me hanging sideways off my bed, with my head in a trashcan. AWESOME! I'm too old to drink like a rockstar. When we went from That Wine Bar to A Fratty Bar very near by, there was some mystery shot. I was pleasantly buzzed from Ruinart Rose. They handed me the shot. I said, "what's in it?" They said, ""just drink it." My rational mind said "maybe we shouldn't." My buzzed version of me shrugged her shoulders, downed the shot, and then I'm pretty she "WOO!"ed. There may have been a \m/ \m/ in there, too.

And apparently, that's when the wheels came off. It's all kind of hazy and I didn't even enjoy shopping for big girl clothes yesterday. It was rainy, and I felt like crap the whole day. Serves me right.

Repeat after me: I am a grown up now. I am a grown up now. I am a grown up now.