Monday, September 08, 2008

It's my last day at That Wine Bar. I have changed so much since I started there on March 18, 2006. I hardly feel like the same person. I am going to miss working there so much. The good times, like sneaking shots with J until we're both tipsy and making rent and the car payment in one night. I'll even miss the bad times,like when I got suspended for calling one of the meanest people on earth a jerk. Actually, what I said was if he was going to act like a jerk, I wouldn't do a thing for him. But let's not argue semantics. It's been my home. I feel comfortable there, because I've been there for so long. They know me. I know them.

As of tonight, 11pm, I gotta go be the new kid somewhere else. Granted, I'm the new kid who has keys to the front door and the servers will come to me with questions. It will kind of be like That Wine Bar, but with a different menu & better clothes.

OMG! They're going to ask me questions. I'm going to have to know things. I've always been bossy. Now, I'm the boss.