Monday, August 04, 2008

I went to see Goonies at the midnight movie Friday night. It was supposed to be a couple of Millers, Smang & me. It ended up being just me & my heterolifemate. Sister Miller was too tired to make it, and Brother Miller was at the Monk just a minute too long. The movie was sold out by the time he arrived at the Inwood.

I had not been to the Inwood in two years. They've totally redone the downstairs theatre with couches and bean bag chairs. Twas fantastic! Except, ewwww! What if people do nasty things on them? Whatever. Totally comfortable. Although, I will take my own blanket next time. It's ridiculously hot right this time of year, so airconditioners are working overtime. Brrr!

Before the movie started, they had a quick trivia contest. *devilish grin* When they announced that the prize was a special edition dvd of Goonies, I told Smang it was too bad we already have that dvd. She said, "you're going to let that stop you?" No, I guess that would be silly.

Corey Feldman trivia. Raise your hand if you know the answer. In the movie Stand By Me, who does Teddy Duchamp say would win in a battle between Mighty Mouse and Superman and why?

Oh, hey did you know that Stand By Me is pretty popular in this house? Yeah, we watched it like two days ago.

My hand shot up. And then I Horseshacked. OHOHOHOHOHIKNOWIKNOW!

Superman would win. Because he's a real guy.

Since he attempted to join, but was just a bit too late, I decided that it would be best to give the dvd prize to Brother Miller.

I never want to see a movie in a regular seat again. I must go to Inwood. Or get the Magnolia and the Northpark AMC to install those love seat things.