Friday, August 22, 2008

I thought for sure that Shayna would discuss this death more in depth. She only said, "Goodbye, friend." She, like me, just needed more time to process.

Dan over at Slowly Going Bald wrote a nice piece about it.

But I have not been able to articulate my feelings yet. So, here goes nothing:

First off, it sucks that LeRoi Moore is dead. He was all of 46 years old, and that's a tremendous loss for his family and friends.

It makes me sad to think that six short years ago, it was not officially "SUMMER!" until Shayna and I had loaded up the Beetle and taken a tour of Texas, seeing several shows as we went. And now, no one will ever see that incarnation of that band that way again.

It's not like I knew him. It's not like we were friends. I still can't help but feel a loss now that a founding member of a band I once adored has died.

Please to enjoy one of my top ten songs, #41: