Sunday, July 27, 2008

So, I'm totally posting from my phone. Because I am an asshole.

I am way behind on Top Ten lists. So, here comes my

Top Ten Movie Screams

1) Nightmare Before Christmas - when the mayor tumbles down the stairs just after pleading with Jack. "I'm only an elected official, I can't make decisions by myself!"

2) Run Lola Run - at the casino. She has only one hope left. And she howls like nothing else, shattering glass and moving through space and time at will.

3) O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Pete, in the car, when he hears "The Sireens". Iseen'emfirst!

4) Spinal Tap - the opening song, Tonight We're Gonna Rock It Tonight. Just after the introductions.

5) Kung Fu Hustle - the Lion's Roar.

6) Grease 2 - Johnny slides on his knees in "We're Gonna Score Tonight"

7) True Romance - when Alabama grabs the gun at the end, and goes berserker. You're so cool.

8) High Fidelity - What! Fucking! Ian! Guy!

9) Big Lebowski - when The Dude is accosted in the tub. Nice marmot.

10) Galaxy Quest - "you have a last name, Guy." "DO I? DO I?"